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Cambridge is in Tier 4. Only online classes are permitted at the moment.

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SO WHAT’S NEW?  Sunday evening yoga! starting from January 24th.

This will be a gentle session for bringing some  relaxation to your evening before the week begins. 

Not many dynamic poses. Focusing more on alignment.

A bit of meditation and relaxation and some breath work. Also very suitable for beginners.

my online zoom times are as follows:-

Monday -Yoga at 6.30pm

Tuesday-Plates at 6.30pm

Thursday-Pilates at 6.30pm

Friday- Yoga at 9.00am

Saturday -Pilates at 10.00am

NEW!    Sunday- Gentle Yoga at 6.30 pm  (from Jan 24th)


I also teach Pilates- online and in studio (when permitted) at 

Camyoga Wednesday mornings at 10.00am and Friday evenings at 6.30pm. 

Book via Camyoga and you can get 50% off your first online class by using the code ONLINE50


There is a free Pilates session on Tuesday 29th Dec at